Bruno Sergi



Bruno Sergi, is a seasoned professional with an impressive 15-year track record in real estate sales and marketing. Bruno kickstarted his journey at a remarkable age of 17, inheriting a passion for property from his family's lineage of real estate agents. Throughout his career, he's shown a knack for innovation, a dedication to connecting people, and a strong commitment to nurturing lasting relationships.

Growing up in the dynamic Fairfield/Liverpool area and more recently setting roots in Sydney's bustling CBD, Bruno has an instinctive understanding of his local real estate community's needs. This local insight helps him tailor solutions that fit the ever-changing market demands.

Bruno's expertise spans a wide range of property types, from residential land sales to managing development projects, greenfield properties, and even spotting opportunities in industrial and commercial developments. This well-rounded experience makes him a reliable guide for both buyers and sellers.

Guided by principles of integrity and transparency and driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Bruno is dedicated to creating smooth transactions and turning his clients' dreams into reality. His journey showcases constant growth and adaptability, establishing him as a dynamic real estate expert skilled at turning opportunities into achievements.